Mobile Apps

ESV Bible for iPhone and iPad

The ESV Bible app was designed to make reading the Bible on your iPhone or iPad as similar to reading a print Bible as possible.

We have reconsidered how each part of the app functions and interacts with the biblical text itself. From the font choices to button arrangement to innovative text layout options, every facet of the app was designed to make engaging with God's Word as intuitive as possible.

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ESV Bible for Android

The ESV Bible app for Android is available for free in the Google Play Store. It currently includes the full ESV Bible text (with or without an internet connection). Users can easily navigate and search the Bible text, as well as move from cross-references or footnotes and back to their passage with ease.

Our aim is to continue developing the Android app in the coming months, ultimately matching all of the features available in the iPhone/iPad version. Thank you for your patience!

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