Herod Antipas

Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great, was Tetrarch of Galilee during the time of Christ. Although married, Herod fell in love with Herodias, the wife of his half brother, Philip. When Herod and Herodias divorced their spouses and married each other, John the Baptist strongly opposed their adultery. This enraged Herodias, prompting Herod to seize John and put him in prison. He was afraid to take John’s life, however, recognizing him as a holy man. Herod finally gave in to Herodias and had John beheaded, but doing so haunted his conscience; later, hearing about the miracles Jesus was performing, Herod feared that it was actually John, resurrected from the dead. Herod participated in the trial of Jesus, mocking him before sending him back to Pilate. (Luke 23:11)