Cornelius was a Roman centurion and a “God-fearer”—a Gentile who worshiped Israel’s God. As a centurion, Cornelius would have been a socially prominent and wealthy man. The Bible says that he “gave alms generously to the people, and prayed continually to God” (10:2), and that he was held in high regard “by the whole Jewish nation” (10:22). An angel of the Lord appeared to Cornelius in a vision and instructed him to send for the apostle Peter. When Peter arrived, he preached the gospel to Cornelius and his friends and family. While he was still speaking, the Holy Spirit was poured out on these Gentile seekers. Cornelius and his household were baptized, and their conversion convinced the early church that God’s promises were for Gentiles as well as for Jews. (Acts 10:30–33)