Ahaz was a wicked king whose apostasy led Judah astray and brought the nation to ruin. Rather than worship the God of Israel, Ahaz made images of Baal. He even sacrificed his own children to the false god, a practice strongly condemned by the Lord. Because of his wickedness, God allowed both Syria and Israel to successfully attack Judah. Ahaz did not repent and turn to the Lord for help in his time of distress, but rather sought help from the king of Assyria. The plan backfired, however, when the Assyrians “came against him and afflicted him instead of strengthening him” (28:20). Even then, Ahaz still turned away from the Lord. Not only did he close the doors of the temple, but also “in every city of Judah he made high places to make offerings to other gods” (28:25). (2 Chronicles 28:22–27)