Jehu was an army commander who became king of Israel. He was famous for his reckless driving (9:20) but also for his great zeal for the Lord. He set out to destroy every trace of Baal worship in Israel. He killed the kings of both Israel and Judah, and then the entire household of Ahab. He killed the wicked queen Jezebel and then all Ahab’s sons, royal officials, and priests. Jehu then brought together all the followers of Baal by pretending that he himself wanted to worship their false god. Once all the Baal worshipers had assembled, Jehu killed them all. He destroyed the temple of Baal, turning it into a latrine. Sadly, though God used Jehu to completely eradicate Baal worship in Israel, he continued to worship the golden calves that Jeroboam had set up. (2 Kings 10:28–31)