The Trinity in Romans 8

This chart focuses on statements that have Father, Son, or Spirit as the subject. For additional references to Father, Son, or Spirit in Romans 8, see vv. 1–2, 4–7, 13, 15, 17–23, 28.

Father Son Spirit
sent his Son (v. 3)
condemned sin (v. 3)
gives life to mortal bodies of believers by his Spirit in them (v. 11) in believers (v. 10) indwells believers (v. 9)
foreknew, predestined, called, justified, glorified (vv. 29–30) died, raised, interceding at the right hand of the Father for believers (v. 34) leads believers (v. 14)
is for us (v. 31) bears witness with the spirit of believers (v. 16)
gave his Son (v. 32) helps in weakness and intercedes for believers (vv. 26–27)
justifies (v. 33)
loves (v. 39) loves (vv. 35, 39)