Parallels in the Ministries of Jesus, Peter, and Paul in Luke–Acts

Luke shows Peter and Paul continuing the ministry of Jesus in the book of Acts. Representative examples are cited on the chart below.

Type of Ministry Jesus Peter Paul
Preaching that the OT is fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah Luke 4; 24 Acts 2; 3 Acts 13; 17
Casting out unclean spirits Luke 4:31–37 Acts 5:16 Acts 16:16–18
Healing the lame Luke 6:6–11 Acts 3:1–10 Acts 14:8–10
Raising the dead Luke 7:11–17 Acts 9:36–43 Acts 20:7–12
Healing by a touch, a shadow, or cloths Luke 8:42–48 Acts 5:15 Acts 19:11–12