The Traditional View of Daniel’s Visions

Babylonian Empire (625–539 b.c.) Medo–Persian Empire (539–331 b.c.) Greek Empire (331–63 b.c.) Roman Empire (63 b.c.a.d. 476) Future Events
Vision of Statue (ch. 2) head of gold (vv. 36–38) chest and arms of silver (vv. 32, 39) middle and thighs of bronze (vv. 32, 39) legs of iron; feet of iron and clay (vv. 33, 40–43) messianic king­dom: the stone (vv. 44–45)
Vision of Tree (ch. 4) Nebuchadnezzar humbled (vv. 19–37)
Vision of Four Beasts (ch. 7) lion with wings of eagle (v. 4) bear raised up on one side (v. 5) leopard with four wings and four heads (v. 6) terrifying beast with iron teeth (v. 7) Antichrist: little horn uttering great boasts (vv. 8–11)
Vision of Ram and Goat (ch. 8) ram with two horns: one longer than the other (vv. 2–4) male goat with one horn: it was broken and four horns came up (vv. 5–8); Antiochus IV (vv. 23–26)