Historical Books Timeline

1406 [or 1220] B.C. Moses’ death; Israel’s entry into Canaan under Joshua
1375 [or 1210] Joshua’s death
1375–1055 [or 1210–1050/42/30] Period of the judges
1050/42/30–1010 Saul’s reign
1010–971 David’s reign
971–931 Solomon’s reign
931–722 Divided kingdom (Israel)—19 kings
722 Destruction of Samaria (Israel’s capital) by Assyria; Israel’s resettlement
931–586 Divided kingdom (Judah)—19 kings, 1 queen
586 Destruction of Jerusalem and temple by Babylon; Judah exiled to Babylon
586–538 Judah’s exile in Babylon
561 Release of King Jehoiachin from prison in Babylon
539 Cyrus II of Persia captures Babylon
538 First return of Jews to Jerusalem under Jeshua and Zerubbabel
516 Temple rebuilding completed
478 Esther and Mordecai rise in the Persian court
458 Ezra’s return to Jerusalem from Babylon
445 Nehemiah’s return to Jerusalem from Babylon
445–??? Walls of Jerusalem rebuilt
433 Nehemiah’s visit to Babylon and return to Jerusalem