Seven Stone Memorials in the Land

4:20 Gilgal a reminder of God’s faith­ful­ness in bringing Israel safely across the Jordan into the Promised Land
7:26 over Achan a reminder of Israel’s potential for unfaithfulness and of the dire consequences that result
8:28–29 over the king of Ai a monument to Israel’s second chance and restoration
8:30–32 Joshua engraves a copy of the law a reminder of Israel’s duty to live in obedience to the divine “Torah,” or “instruction”
10:27 over Amorite kings at Gibeon a reminder of God’s gracious action in defending Israel’s covenant with a Canaanite city
22:34 peace in the land of Gilead a witness to the unity of the Trans­jordanian tribes with Israel west of the Jordan
24:26–27 covenant renewal at Shechem a reminder of Israel’s duty to serve the Lord, who fulfilled every promise in bringing them into the land