Parallels between Exodus and Numbers

Ex. 18:1 Advice from Moses’ father-in-law Advice from Moses’ father-in-law Num. 10:29
Ex. 15:22 Three-day journey to Sinai Three-day journey from Sinai Num. 10:33
Ex. 15:22–26 Complaint about water Unspecified complaint Num. 11:1–3
Exodus 16 Manna and quail Manna and quail Num. 11:4–15, 31–35
Exodus 18 Leaders appointed to assist Moses Leaders appointed to assist Moses Num. 11:16–30
Ex. 15:20–21 Miriam’s song of praise Miriam and Aaron rebel Numbers 12
Ex. 17:8–16 Israel defeats Amalek Israel defeated by Amalek Num. 14:39–45
Ex. 17:1–7 Water from rock Water from rock Num. 20:1–13
Ex. 32:6 People sacrifice to other gods People sacrifice to other gods Num. 25:2
Ex. 32:27 Killing of apostates demanded Killing of apostates demanded Num. 25:5
Ex. 32:28–29 Levites’ status enhanced Levites’ (Phinehas’s) status enhanced Num. 25:6–13
Ex. 32:35 Plague on the people Plague on the people Num. 25:9