Holy Feasts

The Sabbath principle is seen in each of these feasts, which are intended to express the divine-human relationship. Each feast requires (1) cessation from ordinary work and (2) dedication to the Lord by means of offerings.

Feast Reference General time of year Specific time of year Modern equivalent Significance
Sabbath 23:3 Weekly 7th day Saturday Creation
Passover* 23:4–8 Spring 14th of first month (Abib) March/April (Easter) Salvation
Firstfruits 23:9–14 Spring 16th of first month (Abib) March/April (Easter) Dedication
Weeks 23:15–21 Spring 1st of third month (Sivan) Pentecost Dedication
Trumpets 23:23–25 Fall 1st of seventh month (Tishri) September Solemn assembly; spiritual preparation
Day of Atonement 23:26–32 Fall 10th of seventh month (Tishri) September/October Redemption
Booths 23:33–36 Fall 15th–22nd of seventh month (Tishri) September/October Joyful remembrance of the Lord’s historic guidance

*The Feast of Unleavened Bread directly follows Passover, 15th–21st days of the month.