The Battle between Yahweh and the Rulers of Egypt

Exodus tells about the plagues God brings about as he frees his people from Egypt. The plagues affect areas of life supposedly protected by Egypt’s gods. Thus, they show God’s power over the gods of the world’s mightiest nation.

Type of Plague Reference Warning? Time of Warning Instruction Agent Staff? Pharaoh promises to let people go? Pharaoh’s heart hardened?
1st Cycle 1. Nile to blood 7:14–25 Yes In the morning Go to Pharaoh; Stand Aaron Yes Yes
2. Frogs from the Nile 8:1–15 Yes Go in to Pharaoh Aaron Yes Yes Yes
3. Dust to gnats 8:16–19 Aaron Yes Yes
2nd Cycle 4. Flies 8:20–32 Yes Early in the morning Present yourself to Pharaoh God Yes Yes
5. Egyptian livestock die 9:1–7 Yes Go in to Pharaoh God Yes
6. Boils 9:8–12 Moses Yes
3rd Cycle 7. Hail 9:13–35 Yes Early in the morning Present yourself before Pharaoh Moses Yes Yes
8. Locusts 10:1–20 Yes Go in to Pharaoh Moses Yes Yes Yes
9. Darkness 10:21–29 Moses Yes Yes Yes
10. Death of firstborn 11:1–10; 12:29–32 Yes God Yes Yes Yes