Covenantal Call and Dialogue

Moses’ Questions and Concerns Yahweh’s Responses and Signs
Who am I that I should go? (3:11). I will be with you; when you come out of Egypt, you will serve me on this mountain (3:12).
What is your name, that I may tell the people who sent me? (3:13). I am who I am: Yahweh, the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (3:14–15).
How would the people believe that you have sent me? (4:1). Yahweh turns Moses’ rod into a serpent then back into a rod (4:2–4); Yahweh makes Moses’ hand leprous and then heals it (4:6–7); Yahweh instructs Moses to turn water from the Nile into blood (4:9).
I am not eloquent; I am slow of speech (4:10). I, Yahweh, am the one who made your mouth (4:11).
Please send someone else (4:13). Aaron will go with you; you will speak my words to him and he will speak to the people for you (4:15–16).