The Scoundrels of Scripture

Grace Toward Sinners

The story of Scripture includes all kinds of characters: ones we find ourselves wanting to emulate and others with traits we hope never to mirror. But, just like we are all multi-faceted, so are the people whose stories are recorded in the Bible—and we have much to learn from them.

In Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus, author Nancy Guthrie says:

Over and over again, Scripture shows us how Jesus interacted with people— people with hopes, dreams, hurts, and disappointments. We’ll hear what Jesus said to those who welcomed him and wanted him, as well as to those who rejected him and ridiculed him. We’ll also get a sense of what Jesus wants from us and what he offers to us.

Over the course of six days, learn from the stories of a handful of the Bible’s scoundrels and see more clearly the ways in which they reveal the generous grace of Jesus toward sinners.

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