Zechariah 4:3; Zechariah 4:11; Zechariah 4:14; Psalm 52:8; Jeremiah 11:16

And there are jtwo olive trees by it, one on the right of the bowl and the other on its left.

11 Then I said to him, What are these jtwo olive trees on the right and the left of the lampstand?

14 Then he said, yThese are the two anointed ones1 who stand by zthe Lord of the whole earth.

But I am like ma green olive tree

in the house of God.

I trust in the steadfast love of God

forever and ever.

16 The Lord once called you va green olive tree, beautiful with good fruit. But wwith the roar of a great tempest he will set fire to it, and xits branches will be consumed.