Psalm 18:4; Psalm 18:16; Psalm 42:7; Psalm 69:1; Psalm 144:7; Job 22:11

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Psalm 18:4

pThe cords of death encompassed me;

qthe torrents of destruction assailed me;1

Psalm 18:16

16  He ksent from on high, he took me;

he ldrew me out of mmany waters.

Psalm 42:7

Deep calls to deep

at the roar of your waterfalls;

jall your breakers and your kwaves

have gone over me.

Psalm 69:1

Save Me, O God

To the choirmaster: according to tLilies. Of David.

Save me, O God!

For uthe waters have come up to my neck.1

Psalm 144:7

vStretch out your hand from on high;

wrescue me and deliver me from the many waters,

from the hand xof foreigners,

Job 22:11

11  or mdarkness, so that you cannot see,

and a nflood of owater covers you.