Psalm 89:5; Psalm 97:6; Revelation 16:5; Revelation 16:7; Revelation 19:2

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Psalm 89:5

Let rthe heavens praise your swonders, O Lord,

your faithfulness in the assembly of tthe holy ones!

Psalm 97:6

iThe heavens proclaim his righteousness,

and all jthe peoples see his glory.

Revelation 16:5

And I heard the angel in charge of the waters1 say,

yJust are you, zO Holy One, awho is and who was,

for you brought these judgments.

Revelation 16:7

And I heard ethe altar saying,

Yes, Lord God the Almighty,

ftrue and just are your judgments!

Revelation 19:2

for phis judgments are true and just;

for he has judged qthe great prostitute

who corrupted the earth with her immorality,

and rhas avenged on her the blood of his servants.