Psalm 35:11; 1 Kings 21:13; Matthew 26:59–60; Mark 14:55–56

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Psalm 35:11

11  oMalicious1 witnesses rise up;

they ask me of things that I do not know.

1 Kings 21:13

13 And the two worthless men came in and sat opposite him. And the worthless men brought a charge against Naboth in the presence of the people, saying, Naboth cursed God and the king. So they took him outside the city and stoned him to death with stones.

Matthew 26:59–60

59 Now the chief priests and the whole council1 uwere seeking false testimony against Jesus that they might put him to death, 60 but they found none, vthough many false witnesses came forward. At last wtwo came forward

Mark 14:55–56

55 Now the chief priests and the whole council1 were seeking testimony against Jesus to put him to death, but they found none. 56 cFor many bore false witness against him, but their testimony ddid not agree.