Psalm 18:8; Psalm 50:3; Psalm 97:3; Isaiah 26:11; Job 20:26; Daniel 7:10; Habakkuk 3:5

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Psalm 18:8

Smoke went up from his nostrils,1

and devouring ufire from his mouth;

glowing coals flamed forth from him.

Psalm 50:3

Our God comes; he sdoes not keep silence;1

before him is a devouring tfire,

around him a mighty tempest.

Psalm 97:3

cFire goes before him

and burns up his adversaries all around.

Isaiah 26:11

11  O Lord, oyour hand is lifted up,

but pthey do not see it.

Let them see your zeal for your people, and be ashamed.

Let qthe fire for your adversaries consume them.

Job 20:26

26  Utter darkness is laid up for his treasures;

ha fire not fanned will devour him;

what is left in his tent will be consumed.

Daniel 7:10

10  gA stream of fire issued

and came out from before him;

ha thousand thousands iserved him,

hand ten thousand times ten thousand jstood before him;

the kcourt sat in judgment,

and lthe books were opened.

Habakkuk 3:5

eBefore him went pestilence,

and plague followed fat his heels.1