Psalm 119:24; Psalm 119:47; Psalm 119:70; Psalm 119:77; Psalm 119:92; Psalm 119:143; Psalm 119:174

24  Your testimonies are my sdelight;

they are my tcounselors.

47  for I bfind my delight in your commandments,

which I love.

70  their heart is unfeeling hlike fat,

but I idelight in your law.

77  Let your rmercy come to me, that I may live;

for your law is my sdelight.

92  If your law had not been my tdelight,

I would have perished in my affliction.

143  Trouble and anguish have found me out,

but your commandments are my pdelight.

174  I ilong for your salvation, O Lord,

and your law is my jdelight.