Proverbs 12:25; Proverbs 13:12; Proverbs 14:10; Proverbs 14:30; Proverbs 15:30; Proverbs 17:22

25  nAnxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,

but a good word makes him glad.

12  Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

hbut a desire fulfilled is ia tree of life.

10  The heart knows its own rbitterness,

and no stranger shares its joy.

30  A tranquil1 heart gives tlife to the flesh,

but uenvy2 makes vthe bones rot.

30  cThe light of the eyes rejoices the heart,

and dgood news refreshes1 the bones.

22  oA joyful heart is good medicine,

but a crushed spirit pdries up the bones.