Proverbs 11:2; Proverbs 11:12; Proverbs 13:10; Proverbs 15:25; Proverbs 15:33; Proverbs 16:18–19; Proverbs 21:4

cWhen pride comes, then comes disgrace,

but with dthe humble is wisdom.

12  Whoever qbelittles his neighbor lacks sense,

but a man of understanding remains silent.

10  fBy insolence comes nothing but strife,

but with those who take advice is wisdom.

25  The Lord tears down the house of qthe proud

but rmaintains sthe widow’s boundaries.

33  jThe fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom,

and khumility comes before honor.

18  mPride goes before destruction,

and a haughty spirit before a fall.

19  nIt is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor

than to odivide the spoil with the proud.

cHaughty eyes and a proud heart,

dthe lamp1 of the wicked, are sin.