Leviticus 7:20; Leviticus 21:1; Leviticus 21:11; Hosea 9:4

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Leviticus 7:20

20 but the person who eats of the flesh of the sacrifice of the Lord’s peace offerings dwhile an uncleanness is on him, that person shall be cut off from his people.

Leviticus 21:1

Holiness and the Priests

And the Lord said to Moses, Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them, aNo one shall make himself unclean for the dead among his people,

Leviticus 21:11

11 He shall not lgo in to any dead bodies nor make himself unclean, even for his father or for his mother.

Hosea 9:4

kThey shall not pour drink offerings of wine to the Lord,

land their sacrifices shall not please him.

It shall be like mmourners’ bread to them;

all who eat of it shall be defiled;

for their bread shall be for their hunger only;

nit shall not come to the house of the Lord.