Leviticus 17:3–4; 1 Kings 12:28; 1 Kings 12:33

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Leviticus 17:3–4

If any one of the house of Israel ukills an ox or a lamb or a goat in the camp, or kills it outside the camp, and vdoes not bring it to the entrance of the tent of meeting to offer it as a gift to the Lord in front of the tabernacle of the Lord, bloodguilt shall be imputed to that man. He has shed blood, and that man wshall be cut off from among his people.

1 Kings 12:28

28 So the king took counsel and dmade two calves of gold. And he said to the people, You have gone up to Jerusalem long enough. eBehold your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.

1 Kings 12:33

33 He went up to the altar that he had made in Bethel on the fifteenth day in the eighth month, in the month that he had devised from his own heart. And he instituted a feast for the people of Israel and went up to the altar kto make offerings.