Leviticus 13:45; Leviticus 21:10; Ezekiel 24:16–17

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Leviticus 13:45

45 The leprous person who has the disease shall wear torn clothes and mlet the hair of his head hang loose, and he shall ncover his upper lip1 and cry out, oUnclean, unclean.

Leviticus 21:10

10 jThe priest who is chief among his brothers, on whose head the anointing oil is poured and who has been consecrated to wear the garments, kshall not let the hair of his head hang loose nor tear his clothes.

Ezekiel 24:16–17

16 dSon of man, behold, I am about to take the delight of your eyes away from you at a stroke; yet you shall not mourn or weep, nor shall your tears run down. 17 Sigh, but not aloud; make no mourning for the dead. eBind on your turban, and fput your shoes on your feet; do not cover your lips, gnor eat the bread of men.