Lamentations 1:9; Lamentations 1:11; Lamentations 1:20

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Lamentations 1:9

Her uncleanness was ain her skirts;

bshe took no thought of her future;1

therefore her fall is terrible;

cshe has no comforter.

O Lord, behold my affliction,

for the enemy has dtriumphed!

Lamentations 1:11

11  All her people zgroan

as hthey search for bread;

they trade their etreasures for ifood

to revive their strength.

Look, O Lord, and see,

for I am despised.

Lamentations 1:20

20  Look, O Lord, for I am in distress;

bmy stomach churns;

my heart is wrung within me,

because I have been very rebellious.

cIn the street the sword bereaves;

in the house it is like death.