Jeremiah 9:10; Jeremiah 12:4; Psalm 107:34

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Jeremiah 9:10

10  I will take up weeping and wailing for the mountains,

and a lamentation for cthe pastures of the wilderness,

dbecause they are laid waste so that no one passes through,

and the lowing of cattle is not heard;

eboth the birds of the air and the beasts

have fled and are gone.

Jeremiah 12:4

uHow long will the land mourn

and the grass of every field wither?

vFor the evil of those who dwell in it

wthe beasts and the birds are swept away,

because they said, He will not see our latter end.

Psalm 107:34

34  ca fruitful land into a salty waste,

because of the evil of its inhabitants.