Jeremiah 9:1; Jeremiah 9:18; Jeremiah 14:17; Lamentations 1:2; Lamentations 1:16; Lamentations 2:18; Lamentations 3:49

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Jeremiah 9:1

1 mOh that my head were waters,

and my eyes a fountain of tears,

that I might weep day and night

for the slain of jthe daughter of my people!

Jeremiah 9:18

18  let them make haste sand raise a wailing over us,

tthat our eyes may run down with tears

and our eyelids flow with water.

Jeremiah 14:17

17  You shall say to them this word:

bLet my eyes run down with tears night and day,

and let them not cease,

for the virgin cdaughter of my people is shattered with a great wound,

dwith a very grievous blow.

Lamentations 1:2

eShe weeps bitterly in the night,

with tears on her cheeks;

famong all her lovers

she has gnone to comfort her;

hall her friends have dealt treacherously with her;

they have become her enemies.

Lamentations 1:16

16  For these things sI weep;

my eyes flow with tears;

for ta comforter is far from me,

one to urevive my spirit;

my children are desolate,

for the enemy has prevailed.

Lamentations 2:18

18  Their heart cried to the Lord.

O qwall of the daughter of Zion,

rlet tears stream down like a torrent

sday and night!

tGive yourself no rest,

uyour eyes no respite!

Lamentations 3:49

49  rMy eyes will flow without ceasing,

without respite,