Joshua 9:21; Joshua 9:23; 1 Chronicles 9:2; Ezra 2:43; Ezra 8:20; Nehemiah 7:60; Nehemiah 11:3

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Joshua 9:21

21 And the leaders said to them, Let them live. So they became dcutters of wood and drawers of water for all the congregation, just as the leaders ehad said of them.

Joshua 9:23

23 Now therefore you are cursed, and some of you shall never be anything but servants, hcutters of wood and drawers of water for the house of my God.

1 Chronicles 9:2

tNow the first to udwell again in their possessions in their cities were Israel, the priests, the Levites, and the vtemple servants.

Ezra 2:43

43 xThe temple servants: the sons of Ziha, the sons of Hasupha, the sons of Tabbaoth,

Ezra 8:20

20 gbesides 220 of the temple servants, whom David and his officials had set apart to attend the Levites. These were all hmentioned by name.

Nehemiah 7:60

60 All the temple servants and the sons of Solomon’s servants were 392.

Nehemiah 11:3

lThese are the chiefs of the province who lived in Jerusalem; but in the towns of Judah meveryone lived on his property in their towns: Israel, the priests, the Levites, nthe temple servants, oand the descendants of Solomon’s servants.