John 1:48; John 5:42; John 16:30; John 6:61; John 6:64; Matthew 9:4

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John 1:48

48 Nathanael said to him, How ado you know me? Jesus answered him, Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.

John 5:42

42 But zI know that you do not have athe love of God within you.

John 16:30

30 Now we know that byou know all things and do not need anyone to question you; this is why we believe that cyou came from God.

John 6:61

61 But Jesus, vknowing in himself that his disciples were grumbling about this, said to them, Do you take offense at this?

John 6:64

64 But cthere are some of you who do not believe. (For Jesus vknew from the beginning who those were who did not believe, and dwho it was who would betray him.)

Matthew 9:4

But Jesus, bknowing1 their thoughts, said, Why do you think evil in your hearts?