Joel 2:31; Joel 3:15; Matthew 24:29; Acts 2:20; Revelation 6:13–14; Psalm 102:26; Hebrews 1:11

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Joel 2:31

31 cThe sun shall be turned to darkness, dand the moon to blood, ebefore the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.

Joel 3:15

15  cThe sun and the moon are darkened,

and the stars withdraw their shining.

Matthew 24:29

The Coming of the Son of Man

29 Immediately after othe tribulation of those days pthe sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and qthe stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

Acts 2:20

20  athe sun shall be turned to darkness

and the moon to blood,

before bthe day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.

Revelation 6:13–14

13 and lthe stars of the sky fell to the earth mas the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. 14 nThe sky vanished mlike a scroll that is being rolled up, and oevery mountain and island was removed from its place.

Psalm 102:26

26  sThey will perish, but tyou will remain;

they will all wear out like a garment.

You will change them like a robe, and they will pass away,

Hebrews 1:11

11  they will perish, but you remain;

they will all wear out like a garment,