Judges 20:1; Genesis 14:14; 1 Kings 12:29–30; 1 Kings 15:20

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Judges 20:1

Israel’s War with the Tribe of Benjamin

Then yall the people of Israel came out, zfrom Dan to Beersheba, including the land of Gilead, and the congregation assembled as one man to the Lord at aMizpah.

Genesis 14:14

14 When Abram heard that his kinsman had been taken captive, he led forth his trained men, pborn in his house, 318 of them, and went in pursuit as far as qDan.

1 Kings 12:29–30

29 And he set one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan. 30 Then fthis thing became a sin, for the people went as far as Dan to be before one.1

1 Kings 15:20

20 And Ben-hadad listened to King Asa and sent the commanders of his armies against the cities of Israel and conquered vIjon, wDan, xAbel-beth-maacah, and all yChinneroth, with all the land of Naphtali.