Job 6:4; Psalm 7:12–13; Psalm 38:2; Lamentations 3:12–13; Ezekiel 5:16

For athe arrows of the Almighty are in me;

my spirit drinks their poison;

the terrors of God are arrayed against me.

12  If a man1 does not repent, God2 will gwhet his sword;

he has hbent and ireadied his bow;

13  he has prepared for him his deadly weapons,

making his jarrows kfiery shafts.

For your narrows have sunk into me,

and your hand ohas come down on me.

12  xhe bent his bow yand set me

as a target for his arrow.

13  He drove into my kidneys

zthe arrows of his quiver;

16 when I send against you1 mthe deadly arrows of famine, arrows for destruction, which I will send to destroy you, and when I bring more and more famine upon nyou and break your supply2 of bread.