Job 34:15; Psalm 104:29; Ecclesiastes 3:20; Ecclesiastes 12:7; Romans 5:12

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Job 34:15

15  all flesh would perish together,

and man would wreturn to dust.

Psalm 104:29

29  When you ehide your face, they are fdismayed;

when you gtake away their breath, they die

and hreturn to their dust.

Ecclesiastes 3:20

20 All go to one place. All are from pthe dust, and to dust all return.

Ecclesiastes 12:7

and jthe dust returns to the earth as it was, and kthe spirit returns to God lwho gave it.

Romans 5:12

Death in Adam, Life in Christ

12 Therefore, just as tsin came into the world through one man, and udeath through sin, and vso death spread to all men1 because wall sinnedā€”