Job 27:23; Lamentations 2:15; Ezekiel 21:14; Ezekiel 21:17; Ezekiel 22:13

23  It wclaps its hands at him

and xhisses at him from its place.

15  All who pass along the way

clap their hands at you;

fthey hiss and wag their heads

at the daughter of Jerusalem:

Is this the city that was called

gthe perfection of beauty,

gthe joy of all the earth?

14 As for you, qson of man, prophesy. rClap your hands and let the sword come down twice, syes, three times,1 the sword for those to be slain. It is the sword for the great slaughter, which surrounds them,

17 I also will rclap my hands, uand I will satisfy my fury; vI the Lord have spoken.

13 Behold, vI strike my hand at wthe dishonest gain that you have made, and at xthe blood that has been in your midst.