Job 16:10; Job 17:2; Job 17:6; Job 21:3; Job 30:1

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Job 16:10

10  Men have ogaped at me with their mouth;

they have pstruck me insolently on the cheek;

they qmass themselves together against me.

Job 17:2

Surely there are mockers about me,

and my eye dwells on their lprovocation.

Job 17:6

β€œHe has made me oa byword of the peoples,

and I am one before whom men spit.

Job 21:3

Bear with me, and I will speak,

and after I have spoken, lmock on.

Job 30:1

β€œBut now they ilaugh at me,

men who are jyounger than I,

whose fathers I would have disdained

to set with the dogs of my flock.