Isaiah 5:30; Isaiah 8:22; Amos 5:8; Amos 8:9; John 11:10

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Isaiah 5:30

30  They will growl over it on that day,

like the growling of the sea.

And if one looks to the land,

behold, rdarkness and distress;

and the light is darkened by its clouds.

Isaiah 8:22

22 eAnd they will look to the earth, but behold, distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish. And they will be thrust into fthick darkness.

Amos 5:8

He who made the rPleiades and Orion,

and turns deep darkness into the morning

and sdarkens the day into night,

who tcalls for the waters of the sea

tand pours them out on the surface of the earth,

uthe Lord is his name;

Amos 8:9

And on that day, declares the Lord God,

sI will make the sun go down at noon

and darken the earth in broad daylight.

John 11:10

10 But xif anyone walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not xin him.