Isaiah 35:6–7; Isaiah 49:10; Psalm 23:2

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Isaiah 35:6–7

bthen shall the lame man leap like a deer,

and the tongue of the mute sing for joy.

cFor waters break forth in the wilderness,

and streams in the desert;

dthe burning sand shall become a pool,

and the thirsty ground springs of water;

in the haunt of ejackals, where they lie down,

the grass shall become reeds and rushes.

Isaiah 49:10

10  fthey shall not hunger or thirst,

neither scorching wind nor sun shall strike them,

for he who has pity on them gwill lead them,

and by springs of water will guide them.

Psalm 23:2

He makes me lie down in green fpastures.

He leads me beside still waters.1