Isaiah 13:21; Isaiah 34:13; Jeremiah 50:39; Micah 1:8

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Isaiah 13:21

21  But jwild animals will lie down there,

and their houses will be full of howling creatures;

there kostriches1 will dwell,

and there wild goats will dance.

Isaiah 34:13

13  oThorns shall grow over its strongholds,

nettles and thistles in its fortresses.

It shall be the haunt of pjackals,

an abode for ostriches.1

Jeremiah 50:39

39 eTherefore wild beasts shall dwell with hyenas in Babylon,1 and ostriches shall dwell in her. She shall never again have people, nor be inhabited for all generations.

Micah 1:8

uFor this I will lament and wail;

I will go vstripped and naked;

I will make lamentation wlike the jackals,

and mourning xlike the ostriches.