Hosea 7:11; Hosea 8:9; Hosea 12:1; 2 Kings 15:19

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Hosea 7:11

11  Ephraim is like a dove,

osilly and without sense,

calling to pEgypt, going to qAssyria.

Hosea 8:9

For rthey have gone up to Assyria,

sa wild donkey wandering alone;

Ephraim has hired lovers.

Hosea 12:1

Ephraim feeds on the wind

and pursues zthe east wind all day long;

they multiply yfalsehood and violence;

athey make a covenant with Assyria,

and boil is carried to Egypt.

2 Kings 15:19

19 jPul1 the king of Assyria came against the land, and Menahem gave jPul a thousand talents2 of silver, that he might help him kto confirm his hold on the royal power.