Genesis 37:29; Genesis 37:34; Numbers 14:6; 2 Samuel 1:11; 2 Samuel 13:31

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Genesis 37:29

29 When Reuben returned to the pit and saw that Joseph was not in the pit, he gtore his clothes

Genesis 37:34

34 Then Jacob tore his garments and put sackcloth on his loins and mourned for his son many days.

Numbers 14:6

pAnd Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had spied out the land, tore their clothes

2 Samuel 1:11

11 Then David took hold of his clothes and itore them, and so did all the men who were with him.

2 Samuel 13:31

31 Then the king arose and ltore his garments and mlay on the earth. And all his servants who were standing by tore their garments.