Ezra 2:69; Ezra 8:27; Nehemiah 7:70–72

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Ezra 2:69

69 According to their ability they gave to ithe treasury of the work 61,000 darics1 of gold, 5,000 minas2 of silver, and 100 priests’ garments.

Ezra 8:27

27 20 bowls of gold worth 1,000 darics,1 and two vessels of fine bright bronze as precious as gold.

Nehemiah 7:70–72

70 Now some of the heads of fathers’ houses gave to the work. The qgovernor gave to the treasury 1,000 darics1 of gold, 50 basins, 30 priests’ garments and 500 minas2 of silver.3 71 And some of the heads of fathers’ houses gave into the treasury of the work 20,000 darics of gold and 2,200 minas of silver. 72 rAnd what the rest of the people gave was 20,000 darics of gold, 2,000 minas of silver, and 67 priests’ garments.