Ezekiel 20:7–8; Ezekiel 23:8

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Ezekiel 20:7–8

And I said to them, dCast away the detestable things eyour eyes feast on, every one of you, and do not defile yourselves with fthe idols of Egypt; gI am the Lord your God. hBut they rebelled against me and were not willing to listen to me. iNone of them cast away the detestable things their eyes feasted on, nor did they forsake the idols of Egypt.

Then I said I would pour out my wrath upon them jand spend my anger against them in the midst of the land of Egypt.

Ezekiel 23:8

She did not give up her whoring uthat she had begun in Egypt; for in her youth men had lain with her and handled her virgin bosom and poured out their whoring lust upon her.