Exodus 23:31; 1 Kings 4:21; 1 Kings 4:24; Zechariah 9:10; Psalm 80:11; Psalm 89:25

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Exodus 23:31

31 qAnd I will set your border from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the Euphrates,1 for rI will give the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you.

1 Kings 4:21

21 sSolomon ruled over all the kingdoms from the tEuphrates1 to the land of the Philistines and to the border of Egypt. uThey brought tribute and served Solomon all the days of his life.

1 Kings 4:24

24 For he had dominion over all the region west of the Euphrates1 from Tiphsah to vGaza, over all the kings west of the Euphrates. wAnd he had peace on all sides around him.

Zechariah 9:10

10  cI will cut off the chariot from Ephraim

and dthe war horse from Jerusalem;

and the battle bow shall be cut off,

and ehe shall speak peace to the nations;

fhis rule shall be from sea to sea,

and from gthe River1 to the ends of the earth.

Psalm 80:11

11  It sent out its branches to wthe sea

and its shoots to wthe River.1

Psalm 89:25

25  I will set his hand on fthe sea

and his right hand on fthe rivers.