Ecclesiastes 1:11; Ecclesiastes 8:10; Psalm 31:12; Psalm 88:5; Psalm 88:12; Isaiah 26:14

11  There is no nremembrance of former things,1

nor will there be any remembrance

of later things2 yet to be

among those who come after.

Those Who Fear God Will Do Well

10 Then I saw the wicked buried. They used to go in and out of lthe holy place and were mpraised1 in the city where they had done such things. This also is vanity.2

12  I have been mforgotten like one who is dead;

I have become like na broken vessel.

like one set loose among the dead,

like the slain that lie in the grave,

like those whom iyou remember no more,

for they are jcut off from your hand.

12  Are your vwonders known in wthe darkness,

or your righteousness in the land of xforgetfulness?

14  They are dead, they will not live;

they are shades, they will not arise;

to that end you have visited them with destruction

and wiped out all remembrance of them.