Deuteronomy 28:29; Job 5:14; Job 12:25; Isaiah 42:18–20

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Deuteronomy 28:29

29 and you shall cgrope at noonday, as the blind grope in darkness, and you shall not prosper in your ways.1 And you shall be only oppressed and robbed continually, and there shall be no one to help you.

Job 5:14

14  They meet with darkness in the daytime

and hgrope at noonday as in the night.

Job 12:25

25  They agrope in the dark without light,

and he makes them bstagger like a drunken man.

Isaiah 42:18–20

Israel’s Failure to Hear and See

18  Hear, you deaf,

and look, you blind, that you may see!

19  Who is blind but my servant,

or deaf as my messenger whom I send?

Who is blind as my dedicated one,1

or blind as the servant of the Lord?

20  hHe sees many things, but does not observe them;

ihis ears are open, but he does not hear.