Deuteronomy 13:6; Jeremiah 19:4; Jeremiah 44:3

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Deuteronomy 13:6

xIf your brother, the son of your mother, or your son or your daughter or ythe wife you embrace1 or your friend zwho is as your own soul entices you secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, awhich neither you nor your fathers have known,

Jeremiah 19:4

jBecause the people have forsaken me and have profaned this place by making offerings in it to other gods whom neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah have known; kand because they have filled this place with the blood of innocents,

Jeremiah 44:3

because of the evil that they committed, mprovoking me to anger, nin that they went to make offerings oand serve other gods that they knew not, neither they, nor you, nor your fathers.