Amos 4:1; Amos 6:1; 1 Kings 16:24

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Amos 4:1

Hear this word, hyou cows of Bashan,

who are ion the mountain of Samaria,

jwho oppress the poor, jwho crush the needy,

who say to your husbands, Bring, that we may drink!

Amos 6:1

Woe to Those at Ease in Zion

wWoe to those who are at ease in Zion,

and to those who feel secure on xthe mountain of Samaria,

ythe notable men of zthe first of the nations,

to whom the house of Israel comes!

1 Kings 16:24

24 He bought the hill of fSamaria from Shemer for two talents1 of silver, and he fortified the hill and called the name of the city that he built gSamaria, after the name of Shemer, the owner of the hill.