2 Samuel 7:27; 1 Kings 11:38; Exodus 1:21; 1 Samuel 2:35

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2 Samuel 7:27

27 For you, O Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, have made this revelation to your servant, saying, I will build you a house. Therefore your servant has found courage to pray this prayer to you.

1 Kings 11:38

38 And if you will listen to all that I command you, and will walk in my ways, and do what is right in my eyes by keeping my statutes and my commandments, as David my servant did, cI will be with you and dwill build you a sure house, as I built for David, and I will give Israel to you.

Exodus 1:21

21 And because the midwives feared God, qhe gave them families.

1 Samuel 2:35

35 cAnd I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who shall do according to what is in my heart and in my mind. dAnd I will build him a sure house, and he shall go in and out before emy anointed forever.